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screen freezes up

Upgraded HDD - When resuming from Sleep mode

Display Freezes When Idle

random BSOD and sometimes freeze on shut down

Computer Freezing.

Random freezing & buzzing sound on PC

PC Freeze problem (lots of info)

Online Video Playing Issues -- Freezes & Crashes?

freezing( locks up) every few hours

PC freezing and turning itself off

Computer Freezes When Playing Games

Laptop freezes when left idle and won't come out of hybernation.

Computer freezes when downloading large files

Random hang/ freeze (Ctrl+Alt+Delete and mouse cursor not responding)

Windows freezing up

Freezes make me reboot

Windows 7 Freezes while idle

Computer sometimes freezes

Computer freezes randomly

My computer freezes just after the windows desktop starts

Windows hangs on boot.

windows freeze

All programs freeze simultaneously after installing Windows 7

win7 wierd behavior after idle 15 minutes?

Windows 7/XP streaming crashes

Frequent system hangs

Win7 freezes when coming out of turned off display

PC Startup freeze

Constant freezing

PC freeze

Start-up Freeze

Please help! computer randomly freezing

Random BSOD's or computer freezes

BSOD and freeze up problems

Computer freezes up at seemingly random times.

Crash when printing from a certain application

Computer suddenly freezing need to restart from time to time

PC freezes every day after about 15 minutes

BSOD randomly and PC freezes randomly

7 freezing after Sleep

advice requested: computer freezing up while using certain programs

Random crash when plugged usb in

PC freeze when startup

Windows 7 freezes constantly every 5-10 minutes

Computer freezes with little load

PC Randomly Freezing while inactive or upon waking up

Computer freezes every five minutes or so

Random Crash from Sleep Win7 Ult x64

Screen freeze

Computer freezes on hibernate and crashes when waking.

windows hangs after startup

Crashing while sleeping or away from keyboard

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