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external hard drive doesn't show up on pc

hard drive replacement killed the laptop?

New 7 install on added HDD

Big Hard drive problem

Hard Drive Swap?

Excessive time to log onto another drive.

Putting my back up image on a new ssd. hard drive questions

Complete Clean of Hard drive

should I restore my primary hard drive or not

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How to change the system disk for a new one ?

Wipe my drives?

Hard drive crashed and burned

Replacing the hard drive with an SSD - easy?

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Cannot delete files from previous hard drive

Need a new hard-drive

I want to install a 2nd hard drive to use for backing up data

USB Network a HDD ?

Win 7 HDD Cloning

HELP is my hard drive dying?

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HHD light Stays on all the time

Laptop drive vibrating like jetengine

Missing 2nd (IDE) drive

Windows 7 Data Drive (D:) Suddently Unallocated

Change Hard Drive

Hard drive failing. Trying to replace. Restore failures.

Windows 7: My computer keeps freezing and hdd led stays solid

Hard drive thrashing upon shutdown

Another second hard drive dissapearance.

Cant access part of my hardisk.

My computer and other computers can't read the hard drive.

Reset Hard Drive

My external hard drive is unallocated

Access to Hard Drive is Denied

no hard drive icon!

Reconfigure hard drives

New Hard Drive for a Netbook - System Image/Bootable USB disk

PC freezes - HDD light constantly on

External Hard Drive reduced max capacity

Windows has stopped recognizing my secondary HDD

Win7 Install on 2nd drive now need to format 1st

Never-ending background(?) harddrive activity - Is this normal?

Computer won't load windows even though I replaced HDD

Should I reformat this HD?

Is there an ICH6R Update Compatibile w/ a 500GB Drive?

clone a hard drive to an external drive? or maybe a second pc

Bootable image of hard disk?

RAID 0 Volume Disconnects Itself

Disk not recognized in Disk Management

There's no c: drive on my hard drive

Hard Drive "disappears "

Hard drive not recognized in installer

Can Win7 Create spans with 4TB & 2TB drives

VIRUS has formatted hard drive

HDD Partitions

HDD slow access

Changing Hard Disk

How to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 on two hard drives

Hard Drive formatting / boot help

Product Key from Factory clone

Problem Accessing My Old Hard Drive

Win7 32-bit not recognizing 2nd HDD

Factory Restore with two hard drives

Weird HDD

My Harddrive is running constantly

Simpliest way to install new boot drive

pc doesnt boot after adding a liteon drive

External HDD reconnects all by itself

hdd disconnection

problem with installation on scsi drive

Running programs from 2nd hard drive.

Need new hard drive

HDD going bad?

Slow hdd

Original hard drive not seen

Converting file format on hard drive when restoring image

Need to find a good cheap Hard drive enclosure

Would this be a good idea (hard drive)?

Secondary Hard disk not being shown or detected in My computer

Windows stops booting in UEFI mode after adding another hard drive

Copying Windows to another Partion

Installing 7 on usb hard drive

Got new HDD

HDD Installation

Not able to rename Partitions

BIOS Cannot Detect Hard Drive After Exiting Diskpart Clean All. Help.

Internal Hard Drive Installation (Help)

New hard dive

recommend me a hard drive

Hard drive showing less space than I actually have

External HDD became unallocated

secondary hard drive not showing in my computer

Boot time extremely slow when external hd connected

Code19 problem with external Freecom HDD

WD External hard drive problem from no where?

Missing Space on Hard Drive

Old Storage Drive prevents BOOT in new setup

How to move Windows 7 64-bit (c:) to new larger hard drive?

Attaching slave IDE hangs otherwise perfect Win 7

Installing Windows 7 to 2TB EFI External Hard Drive

Swapping hard drives on laptops

Failure to detect hard drive

Recovery disks will not load in new hard drive after crash

Reading a old HD

WD to buy Hitachi GST

Want to Upgrade HDD. Suggestions Please!

Configure new hard drive for HP Restore

Access to HDD

maxtor external hard drive stopped working


new hard drive with window 7 installed

How to use full space of HDD

USB.E-SATA external hard drives

HD/DVD Enclousre Recomendation


Advanced Power Settings - Sleep and Hard Drive Never Off?

Hard drive wont show up

Rewriting disk files on every boot

Hard drive installed

Want to swap hard drives between two identical laptops?

Hard drive failure soon?

dual boot on two drives ?

Need help to repartition hard drive but to keep all installed software

Hard Drives and 7

Need to replace dying hard drive in laptop.

Security Cameras & External Hard Drive

Cant install os to hard drive

HDD Failure: Replacing HDD and Need help Installing Windows 7/Office

Reusing old Sky+HD hard drive in PC

Computer will only start after putting in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Slave drive not in explorer

Hard drive shows inconsistent volumes

HDD added with Partitions

AHCI SATA disk E: suddenly DISAPPEARS (auto-ejects.?!)

Drive G: intermittently disappears

HDD Data lost

New hard drive--still locks up

Where did my memory go?

New hard drive.

Booting to another hard drive

I've deleted partitions installing Win7 over 8 - How screwed am I?

got a new unformatted comp

Cloned existing drive to new HDD.can you have 2 Win 7 drives in box

Unallocated drive

Hard Drive Size?

cant find the hard disk

installed new hard drive

750GB drive shows as only 365GB drive - where's the rest of it?

USB Backup Drive Looses Connection

Need Diagnostic Help - Seems to be Dead

Testing a Hard Drive. Is this correct?

Replacing current OS drive with new one

Installed a Notebook drive now W7 cant live without it & hid it

PC Freezes then HDD makes clicking sounds.

Accessing XP files via enclosure.Acer netbook

Installed new HD left old HD in new HD won't boot

Cloning my win 7 partition to external HDD w/ Mac OS extended format

Installing Windows 7 on blank hard drive

hp dv7 hd formating gone wrong

i couldn't format available free space in my harddisk

What is the diference between disk image and copying?

Hard drive Constantly running

WD or Seagate for acer aspire?

Formatting a 2TB hard drive: 12 hours later it is only 23% completed.

300 GB HD Space Used

My disk won't format

Moving Windows 7 to another drive

How full is too full for a hard drive?

How to use my old hard drive if old computer is dead

trying to clone my drive

Failed instal of Win7 left HDD undetectable

Best ?technology? to back up (to take an image) for the entire ?C:\? d

hard drive not recognized - you are screwed

I am having trouble accessing a partition on an external drive.

HDD light keeps blinking

Will windows ever need 1tb or more drive space

Not Able to Format free disk using Disk Management

Lost 200gb of C: Drive After formatting.

Disappearing internal HDD when eSATA dock used

Clone a 1TB hdd

Sending a hard drive for repair

HD died?

Moved windows 7 to another hdd

Hard Drive shown in BIOS not in Windows

mirror HD instead of reinstall?

Hard drive not found during installation

Repartitioning drive in Windows7

Looking for a good external enclosure/drive

External sata/usb 3.0 enclosure

Just so I understand why SATA drive

Hard Drive not showing up

Why are my hard drives write protected

Hard drive constantly read/writing

External HD freezes after formatting failed

Installing a different version of Windows to 2 different drives

Is my harddrive dying?

Hard Drive

restoring windows install to a New drive

HDD light is always ON

Windows 7 install to a new hard drive

When i install 7 oem on a new build no hdd is seen

would I need to worry about 2nd hard drive getting infected as well

Can't create backup copy of my hard drive

Need advice with disk partitions; (should D: be NTFS?)

Constant 100% HDD Activity Light

External USB HDD keeps ejecting

Drive Image missing 1 MB

Seagate 3tb barracuda HDD sata 3 is making a constant rapid chirping.

Very Slow Copy From one hardrive to another

500GB HDD only shows as 90GB ?

Windows wont access my second drive

How can i format this partition

I need to access the hard drive of a dead computer.

DVD died. How do I reinstall OS with external USB DVD drive

Advice on how to create a bootable clone of my Windows 7 HD

eSATA HDD Hub station Card Reader UK code 43

Accessing file on Old Hard Drive

Can the spaces left on a HDD after moving files be filled?

Make Another Disk As System

Western Digital Hard Drive is Slow- 2 minute boot times

Upgrade disk install on a replacement HDD

Which internal Terabyte HDD?

Way to circumvent admin Permissions "issues" with fresh install?

Reformatting a drive

WEI can't test my hard drive

Problems finding my hard drive

I think I messed up my Hard Drive

Hard drive preventing clean shutdown/sleep/restart stop 0x9F

828gb Missing on my 3tb hdd

What is the easiest way to install new primary hard drive?

hard drive partition

What could be the reason prevent win7 from accessing router's USB HDD

new hard drive enclosure

New Hard Drive Installed Trying To Install Win 7

Additional storage HD

External USB Drives Spinning Down Often.

2nd Hard drive disappears randomly

How to clone bootable floppy to an HDD?

Can an old storage HDD slow down a PC?

Adding Internal Hard drive

Sharing external USB drive

External HDD Scanning

Error message when formating a sata3 hdd

Hard drive clicks

HDD clicking

What is a good tool to check the state of your harddrives?

How do I replace hard disk with right one . ?

Disappearing Space

External hard drive keeps disconnecting then reconnecting

Can't boot from internal drive

HDD works only in a certain enclosure?

My backup disk does not show any icon

Would this be a good idea (hard drive)? New

System was shutting down hard drive when sleeping but stopped doing so

Hard drive with two partitions seeing as two disks!

help about a new harddisk?

How does Windows determine disk #

New hard drive NEED HELP!

Hard Drive issues. no idea what to do.

HDD's & dvd rw disappear?

drive space is full and file sizes are low

Unable to read WD Elements 1TB Hard Disk

Trouble making disk1(HDD) show up under hard drives

Windows won't load after HD install

Which Hard Drive to buy?

Drive Failure and WIN7 Reinstall

HDD slow write

No luck wiping a drive

Cannot Rename Hard Disks

Help converting a WD MyBook Essentials external to an internal drive

Cloning HDD?

Unable to read my external HDD WD 1TB

Recovery partition or MBR was damaged

BSOD constantly after replacing hard drive

Hard drive permission messed up

Second hard drive

Need Help for Adding New HDD

Show hidden half of old hard drive

Windows Explorer Taking Too Long to Read Drives

Windows 7 will not let me access Iomega external HDD

Reformatting windows 7 Drive

Formating HDD

Upgrading old XP PC to larger HD and Windows 7

Solution to disappeared internal HDD following a routine update

External HDD disconnecting from PC

Clone and Backup Problems

Hard Drive Wipe

trying to make an external hard drive bootable

separate hard drives dual boot options

Peripheral Drives Invisible

How do I transfer clone of my C drive to new HDD?

Windows 7 not recognizing second hard drive

New Portable Hard Drive

HDD Problem with WD

Hard Disk not showing in BIOS or Disk Manager

Copying to ext. hard drive

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