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IE10 Not Working From School Computer


If you are smart enough to use Linux or a browser typically installed with Linux, or you are smart enough to compare different browsers, you should be smart enough to make February 6, 2013 /| |\| () |\| Y |\/| () |_| S @ w3techie (& Everyone) Microsoft IE is "put to shame" (as you put it) due to their HISTORY! any idea on how long this is going to take Vimeo to resolve? Peter: Very good program, I finally got rid of my misery! http://splashwebservices.com/internet-explorer/cannot-install-ie10-update.php

the netbook I just got!). For example, do the player and controls not show up? Tuggle PRO 4 years ago Any news on when the videos will work in IE 10? Richard Guidry Plus 4 years ago It's actually IE 10 Windows 8 Metro will not play Vimeo videos... more info here

Google Not Working In Internet Explorer 11

Regards, Richard Guidry Zena Hirsch Staff 4 years ago Hi Richard, my apologies if you've already read the following, but I'd like to direct you to Tommy's response above: "Fixes for Just follow these steps: 1. Thanks for the heads up!

Tommy Penner Staff 4 years ago No ETA but changes are coming. Behaves normally after refresh. Thomas Delfs 4 years ago Is there anything we can do to help? Google Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Although it seems every once in a while you'll get lucky and it will play again, but that very seldom and very randomly.

I switch between IE 10 (the latest version) and Firefox. Google Will Not Open In Internet Explorer please try the link and let us know how the video performs. Recent Comments Techexpert: Try to reboot your computer once before reinstall. https://support.google.com/a/answer/181472?hl=en Well, you can see why one could assume the issue was Vimeo's.

Same with my company site insitu.co which shows an empty outline box where the video should be when you first open in browser. How To Disable Active Scripting In Internet Explorer At first I thought it was my website and started removing unneeded items, but that was getting me no where. Please upgrade when possible." I have compatibility view turned on for vimeo.com in my IE settings. Thanks!

Google Will Not Open In Internet Explorer

We'll update this thread with status reports. Ian Durkin Staff 4 years ago Sorry for the inconvenience. Google Not Working In Internet Explorer 11 Link: wingsovercolorado.com/index.shtml Zena Hirsch Staff 4 years ago Hi Richard, could you please describe the issue you are experiencing with IE10? Internet Explorer Won't Open Google Hopefully, you (now) see an even bigger problem with Microsoft than this silly little IE argument since there's a much bigger problem coming and it's called UEFI!

Fix Internet Explorer Compatibility View issuesIf you're using Internet Explorer with Compatibility View on google.com, Google products like Gmail might not work. this page Jonathan Malko 4 years ago Another update in my random testing - if I toggle to "compatibility view", Vimeo embeds work. Incorrect changes to the registry can make your computer unusable. Shame on Vimeo for taking over 6 months to still not come up with a solution! Google Forms Internet Explorer

Video doesn't even show, even after refreshing the page multiple times as other bugs state. it works there but not from the Metro version. Your players are already well tested and appear to be working great in IE9 standards mode which is why I suggested the fix. http://splashwebservices.com/internet-explorer/saving-bookmark-password-in-ie10.php You mind trying and letting us know?

Any brand name, trademark, Image used on this website are for reference only. Internet Explorer Cannot Open Google Why can't I reach my favorite website? First, open the Internet Options window.

Under Policies, double-click Microsoft. 7.

Disable add-ons one by one – or disable them all and enable them one by one – until you identify the add-on causing the problem. You can check if add-ons are the problem by running Internet Explorer without add-ons. but I have other rendering issues then with the sites layout :( Is there a way to force compatibility mode in the html? Google Forms Browser Compatibility Thank you for the post!

Re-Enabling Internet Options With regedit 1. i enabled simple adblock add-on on the desktop mode and its magicly working. Several 'topics' posts under that menu have videos but they all experience the same issues Sumair Mirza Plus 4 years ago Following up to see if there has been any progress useful reference Ian Durkin Staff 4 years ago Hi there, can you please email us via vimeo.com/help/contact and select other issues and in the subject field type in "IE issue assign to Tate"?

I would welcome input from other Windows 8 users in seeing if the issue is just with my system here... That's working for me in IE10 on a Windows 7 machine. I am happy to change the code on my site, I just need the videos to display and play.... Terms Privacy Copyright Cookies Made with in NYC.

Thanks for the patience. Run Internet Explorer Without Add-Ons Crashes are normally caused by buggy toolbars or other browser add-ons. Add the following (or similar) into header.php: Christopher Crowhurst PRO 4 years ago div id="ie 10 detect" style="position: relative; left: 200px; top: -175px; zindex: 200; background: #336699;" ?php if ( is_IE(10) They are not forced to use it.

This whole fiasco makes 0 sense! It seems that when navigating directly to the site that I get nothing. Thanks! Link: naturalelementhomes.com/video_gallery.html Christopher Crowhurst PRO 4 years ago For anyone experiencing this issue and using wordpress I found a simple way to display a message to users asking them to refresh

If so, what happens when you hit play? We recently ran into a similar compatibility issue with one of our applications and this proved to be a great stopgap. Keep in mind that there are thousands upon thousands of embedded Vimeo players out on the web, so we have to be very very careful and deliberate with the code we