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Reply AlexMVP November 12, 2009 at 11:29 am # The Windows 7 "Backup" process was a bit confusing so I opted to follow this guide and did the system image. I did get the error code that Home Prem. System images are saved in the format of drive\WindowsImageBackup\computer name\. I have backed up other Windows 7 computers before and never had this problem. my review here

How To Create A System Image In Windows 7 1. March 16, 2011 parthiban to Susanta : no it wont get affected ….. Sure I sacrifice a few windows apps that I can't get to run, but…It's a small price to pay. At the confirmation screen notice the amount of space the image may take.

Create An Iso Image From Your Operating System

NTFS does not have that limitation. So if I only need to make one pc perfect and then reuse that image on the rest, it would save my day. Any tips on making this smaller aside from deleting files?

Maybe i'll do that one of these days!! I couldn't help but express my feeling after ready the post. I'm going to guess they don't use compression because the ending file is a .vhd file. System Image Backup Windows 10 It returns an error message - something about a file being too big, not enough space, etc.

I would like to make an .iso as soon as I THINK I have everything I want completed. Create A System Image Windows 7 As a supplemental question - on the Compaq, should I go for an Upgrade to Win 7 Home premium (no need for domains etc.) and install "over the top" or do I would opt to install Office and other programs, except that newer versions of those software are about to be released (Office 2010). Very slick.

Click Delete Files, and then click OK. System Image Software can I still restore my windows 7 home premium from recovery disk? thanks ~Gil August 4, 2011 Dark Phoenix Kudos to TheKid7 at WilderssecurityForum for giving me this link. win7 and the whole msft simply sucks - the macrium and easeus can create the same image with no problem at all in about ten minutes, taking all of about 11gb

Create A System Image Windows 7

Some of the partitions cannot be deselected because of system requirement.Windows 7 System image backup must have the system and boot partitions.System Partition is the Active partition having MBR (Master Boot http://superuser.com/questions/919450/restoring-windows-image-from-d-after-formatting-the-c-partition Do you have enough space? Create An Iso Image From Your Operating System This additional extra I have on my laptop is agod send, it seems silly to me that it cannot be added to all forms of the OS. Windows 7 System Image Download I've never actually tried that 🙂 Reply willgame4food February 27, 2011 at 7:46 pm # great!

I agree - we always buy the best we can afford, and are very PC savvy, so we like our boxes to run at 100% all the time, so hopefully this http://splashwebservices.com/system-image/how-to-replace-my-vista-system-image-with-a-windows-seven-system-image.php Especially, if you still continue to use it afterwards and insulate yourself from the exact person you're trying to "secure" against. Reply moke January 23, 2011 at 9:12 pm # A tad late, but this is due to your new external being formatted to FAT32 I would guess. I have kept my OS backup image in the Portable Hard drive, While Selecting the Image I am not able to see the Portable drive only …:( Can any one please Windows 7 System Image Restore

What's the single word or phrase for someone who intentionally misses the point, only to joke? There is about 10gig of user files including a music library. Problem is when it finishes the first disk it comes up and says insert disk and label it #1 and starts the backup over again instead of going on to #2 get redirected here Problem 1 - you should attempt this only when you have already made a backup of everything.

On internal and external hard drives, older system images will be deleted when the drive runs out of space. System Image Vs Backup Reformat the external to NTFS or backup on a ntfs drive, then moce the image to external on extX/ntfs etc. I figure I must have installed too much extra stuff before trying to make the image, but I still have 247 GB left on my C drive and the error message

It hasn't moved or given an error report in 12 hours.

There are no driver errors showing, everything looks like it should work, It just won't connect to the network. Creating a System Image Backup in Windows 7, 8, or 10 Decide where you want to save the image. Never given the option to use a copy image, grayed out. What Is A System Repair Disc Not the answer you're looking for?

August 12, 2011 Joe It would be nice if you gave me/us instructions to make a backup with windows vista, 64 bit version. In addition to the recovery being a type of formatting, simply using the drive afterwards also continues to overwrite preexisting data. You're very welcome! useful reference Reply Cindy January 17, 2010 at 11:46 pm # Hey - I am awaiting the arrival of a new Win 7 box tonight.

The same hard drive one is if I need a system restore away from home. Anyone have this happen ? thanks November 6, 2011 jb I have have 2 of the same new pcs and one of which has all my programs and configurations can both with the same windows 7 Cin Reply grooveDexter January 18, 2010 at 5:04 pm # Yup, it's best to create backups on a different HDD incase the one you are operating on goes haywire.

I've used windows since 3.1.