Site Management Tools

Everything you need to manage your site quickly and effectively.

Please note that this feature list apply's to the Starter Package only,

Site Management Tools

File Manager

Our file manager has a great range of features to help you manage your files and folders online including editing, deleting, moving, copying and uploading files.

Website Password Protection

Website Password Protection allows you to password protect a directory on your website. By keeping the password a secret you can let only people who have the password into this area. You can also edit, add or delete users and passwords.

Change Your Password

Change Your Password allows you to change your password for FTP, FrontPage and SSH.

Backup Your Website

Backup Your Website allows you to download your website as a zip file. You can use this feature to make a regular backup of your website in case you lose any data.

Restore Your Website

Restore Your Website allows you to restore a backup zip file that you have made using eXtend.

IP Address Blocking

This feature allows you to block certain IP addresses from visiting your website.

Directory Indexing

Directory Indexing allows you to either show the content of your web directories as file listings or show them as a 403 forbidden error.

Web Space Checker

Check how much web space you have used on your whole account or specify a directory within your account to check.

Ping, Trace & Nslookup

Ping, Trace & Nslookup allows you to ping, trace or nslookup an IP address or hostname.


Raw WHOIS allows you to view the full WHOIS output of a domain name.


HTML Tidy will try to tidy up the layout of an HTML page.

Javascript Generator

Javascripts are great little tools to drop into your website to make it more interactive.

Please note that not all of the above features are included in all packages.