Website Design Services

We offer a full design service from initial consultation to bringing your ideas to life on the web


The Approach
Your Internet solution can only be properly realised after performing a detailed diagnostic of your requirements. Our consultancy service will produce an accurate plan with costs which can be used to create your new project.


The consultancy sessions provide essential information to help us determine the three main solution elements.

  • Concept
  • Identity
  • Specification

We are dedicated to providing the correct service to suit both your timescale and your budget.

A) Concept:

The concept behind your Internet solution will determine it’s overall success. We research every angle to maximise the true potential of your business online.

B) Identity:

Your online identity includes every detail of the look and feel of your web site. Mock-ups are presented at every stage of the design process.

C) Specification:

The functionality specification of your web site and online presence will form the final part of the project manual. It is important to define how every element will perform to ensure total effectiveness.

Outline costs:

Obviously Outlining the cost of an Individual website is not an easy task, it has so many dependencies, type of site, amount of Graphic inclusion, number of pages and images etc, and of course, because we work on very individual and personal sites, no two are alike. Some sites may be fairly plain and to the point with little Graphic or image inclusion, whereas others may be fully Flash oriented with masses of moving and static images throughout the site. We undertake both kinds of site and many in between, affording us the ability to create exactly what you require for your internet presence.

A Typical 3 page introduction site: which would consist of an Introductory Lead page, a Homepage, and a Contact and Information page, is a simple but perfect way of testing out your internet viability.

  • Lead page.
  • Information page
  • Contact Page
This would be the typical lead page, the first page your customers hit when they access your domain
The second page would hold the bulk of information you wish to impart to your customers, friends and visitors to your site.
And the third page of your site would carry all the contact information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses etc

Your site can then be vastly improved at a later date with the inclusion of pages, Navigation panels, buttons, flash images and content.

The cost of a site such as the above site would be in the region of £150.00 which would include your own domain name such as and a full 6 months Free Hosting with absolutely no adverts or banners and unlimited mailbox/mail forwarding.