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DVD ROM slow reading at malfunctioning

windows install problem

BSODs at random

Windows Explorer Crashes when attempting to create a new libraries

BSOD every day - seems random. Help!

Problem after Windows Update of today (July 10

KB3035583 Query

Computer too slow after installation

Cloned an SSD; new one works

Program only runs correctly when UAC is switched OFF

Desktop background images folder

Lock screen doesn't show password box

PC won't sleep

Again. System freeze

optical disk dont autorun or play

after hdd crash on ssd/hdd setup

Dual booting Win 10 and Win 7

Can I get Mac like folders on Windows 7

Toshiba Qosmio X505 Q870 BSOD (what a suprise) Crashing/freezing

Can't find bluetooth from device manager

Windows wouldnt load after update

Explorer Restarting Loop

BSOD's when downloading and at random

No Windows updates in 10 days?

New MoBo Same Boot HDD and Mem. Need to Re-Activate?

Explorer windows auto refresh then don't auto refresh. Why?

When I hibernate or sleep my laptop

How to enable Autoplay for USB drives?

Taskbar button glow doesn't go away

Start Menu search is really slow

Documents don't show in Start Menu

BSOD after using utorrent! Please help!

Blinking screen on windows startup screen after an update

Random nvlddmkm.sys bluescreens

How can I save current windows state?

Non-Random BSOD - Atikmpag.sys Error

Clicking sound after performing Windows updates

Unauthorized computer shut down after installing updates

Any ideas how my login background screen changed on it's own?

EXE downloaded through chrome dont run

BSOD after installing 600w PS and 6670 Radeon

mouse lag/freeze

BSOD - BugCheckCode 10

Start Menu - "Recent"

a problem about net connection

windows 10 couldnt install.

Install Autohotkey exe to the Start menu of Win7

Is Windows Defender needed if using Malwarebytes Pro?

I'm new. please help me with crashing programs. most crash

Windows Explorer changed

Random crash W7 Ult 64bit no BSOD

Personalization setting

Win 7 Printer Dev Driver Issue

Distorted audio with IDT High Definition audio codec

Cannot reset winsock

RealTek Quiet Sound

None of my drivers are updating! Not even my new monitor!

Sleeping Hard Drives Causing Slow Loads.

Random BSOD's

[Help]Can i change the appearance of partition order in windows?

Windows 7 coming to Volume Licensing in September?

ATI Radeon 7700 Problems

BSOD when connecting Kindle

Display faulty icons disappearing GPU not helping

Taskbar or Application problem?

boot up options

Do you index your entire HDD?

Click on desktop problem

Windows Mail emails

If driver is no availeble

mtorrent and freeze on my pc

Werfault.exe and wmpnscfg.exe error

Looking for help diagnosing 2 recent BSOD

Send attachment make Eudora default

Product key giving product is upgrade not clean install on activation

Windows10 Self Installing! Cant Stop It. I Select Decline It Loops!

BSOD Happening A Lot!

Centering Quick Launch Icons

Itunes freezes when closing.

How to stop popups on tasks running on taskbar

Taskbar bug

Wired Internet Connection Issues. Broken NIC?

Can't make Elan touchpad scroll on Samsung clean install

Giving permission to for something to run PERMANENTLY.

Freeze after idle and BSOD after standby

Already have Windows 7 OEM

Windows shuts off but laptop wont turn off or go to sleep.

windows 7 dont sleep or hibernate

Taking control of the Taskbar?

Where to download .iso now?

Wireless network adapter problems

Random reboots when system is idle

How to completely stop password protection?

Problems with updating Windows

The PC is not recognize me as their administrator

2 in 1 Network adapter turning off & Random Lockups

Repeated System freeze

Change drive letter for upgraded HDD on SSD-OS/HDD-User files setup

Same Update Recommended and Installed 13 Times Today

Problem loading win 7 64 bit

W& Recovery. Recvered Sys OK BUT Wiped out all the other partitions?

Need link with windows iso file.

99% physical memory 6GB ram help!

Change default explorer address bar color to white

physical memory cached over 6gb

Crashes on startup with bugcheck error

Sudden hardware incompatibility on clean re-install?

Many different BSOD

Cannot check for Win 7 updates after reserving Win 10


Latest Microsoft Updates messed up Scrolling

Sound & Playback drivers not working?

Sharing internet via USB->Ethernet adapter

more homegroup issues

Netio.sys Bluescreen crash

BDOS HTFS_FILE_SYSTEM (ntfs.sys) Error

BSOD Bugcheck 1E

windows 7 explorer reboot loop

Pc rebooted during updates worked fine for awhiland now is not genuine

Vista hack to remove Folders section of NavPane?

Random freeze/crash/BSOD's Please Help

Network WITHOUT HomeGroup?

How to pick a specific event for BSOD analysis be found in the dmp?

Where is my Windows

Machine keep defrag the drive even after disable the task.

BSOD after windows update again

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a Branded Windows 7?

Alternate ways to install DirectX?

How to send feeback to Microsoft

Windows Calendar

Random reboots followed by screen flashes whenever I upgrade ram

Feedback for windows 7

Freezes/Crashes: Sys. Drivers critical

Cant load windows:Win failed to start ---->bsod bad_sys_config_info

Dual booting windows 7 and 10

Open File Location Does Nothing EXCEPT during explorer restart?

best way to manage icons in w7?

No wallpaper Black screen desktop after update

Windows 7 OEM System buider installation for XP PC

Computer not asking for password

Windows 10 to 7 downgrade help

Random BSOD. Gaming/Updating/browsing/sitting/Restarting

Restore the registry editor to its default state?

Unable To Sync iPhone With Itunes + Win 7 64bit

Many standard windows Programs opening with Chrome

Help! Info overload/new build/clean install

Random BSOD Kernel-Power 41 (63) bugcheckcode 126

Interesting taskbar issue lately.

Taskbar icons act like I'm hovering over them when I'm not

Received BSOD when flipping open laptop from sleep

Hiberfil.sys 6gb why

How can I remote downgrade a win 8 & 10 computer to windows 7?

Any problems with KB3119142

want to change the selection color on desktop

BSOD randomly

Auto update restart on its own.

Set thumbnail for Files but not folders?

Stuck in Restart Loop

Change to AHCI after installing SSD won't show my HDD

hide the hidden programs from desktop in open menu?

Ram usage go insane

BSOD while using Utorrent

Booting takes 15 min

Maybe a new bug with driver installs?

Permanent tile screen

Windows closes all my programs overnight when screen is locked

Random hang with no specific no error.

Built-in network adapter problems and stuck on "Enabling."

BSOD after starting computer following a short circuit

Changing taskbar options to see how many windows are open

New Updates today- Any Problems?

Random reboots when idle

Can you change the tray clock to analog?

Crash Without Bluescreen at random times

Default email program - change from Gmail in Chrome to MS Outlook 2010

Tweak to enable to navigate Computer hardrive from the taskbar ?


Nvidia 6600GT issue

After inplace reinstall - speaker not working

Windows 10 UEFI Installation

Why can't I create a password recovery disk in Windows 7 Home 64

Windows Factory Reset Problem

Failed Windows update now I have no WIFI on laptop

.exe files-explorer.exe crash

Network Pop Up message after yesterday Microsoft Security Updates

help me with this printer

Homegroup disabled after new 7 install on SSD

Preparing laptop for Windows 7 install - video drivers?

Add Quick Launch Bar to Taskbar Context Menu

Bsod driver_iqrl_not_less_or_equal

Windows 7 crash about 4 minutes after startup

Installation issue

How to prevent Windows 10 upgrade now and in the future

Update From Microsoft Update Site Crashes Video System

Backup & Restore Error 0X8007002 Solved on this Compter

Black Logon screen no prompt

Image Restore Changed Drive Letter for the SSD

bootrec /scanos doesn't find windows 7


Checking W10 compatibility when tool not available for W7 Ult

Windows 10 edition for a gamer?

Please Help.lots of BSOD's.Thank you!

Driver Issue?

Computer waking at night

Explorer does not refresh when deleting file

Does Windows 8 offer any desktop improvements?

Homegroup not responding?

AMD CCC when clicked apears in task manager but doesn't pop up

Perfmon will not stop sampling.

The taskbar: Explorer windows stuck together

Administrative Privelages Issue

Several BSOD messages on new system at random times

Selectively deactivate UAC without running as administrator

Network controller driver issue

Still not able to print on networked printer

I change the default logon screen and I want it back

100% Disk Access / Slow Startup

An upgrade activation problem.

Random reboots only in Windows

Random BSOD stop error 0x0000001E

No Other Homegroup Computers Are Available

Error 800705AA

WHAT?! Windows 10 icon appears after incompatibility

Random Hangups range in length

New install

iTunes won't re-open

CHKDSK was started on new laptop. Is the harddrive broken?

Display Awakes but Computer Won't


Random Freezing / Crashing

stuck on login screen

Laptop freezes every hour for about 10 to 15 min since last week

Auto-hide Taskbar Fails to Auto-hide

Issues with sound and playback

Internet Driver problem?

Very slow copying

Specific .exe file being removed.

Is this box too old for Win 7 (2.4Ghz P4)

5yo Thinkpad always ALWAYS slow

Changing Playback Device

Updated to Win 10

logitech webcam instalation problem

BSOD due to torrent

I want to get my Windows 10 free update.

No sound after removing soundcard

No programs open/start

Win-10 upgrade on a customized Win-7 install

Windows 10 free upgrade question

3b/ks.sys BSOD

DWM.exe process keeps spiking

Slow Bootup (30+ minutes) Please help.

high memory and cpu usage

Homegroup problem

win7 update screen after restart

Transferring email from Outlook Express on XP to a new Windows 7 comp?

Computer BSOD's randomly

Windows Classic Theme: Eliminate Preview-like Taskbar Popups?

Minimize button Is too big.

Explorer not refreshing/right click menu reset

Hibernation - very slow shut down

BSOD on Dell E6510 even after HDD replacement

Weird Phone Activation Message - System Says Office Instead of Windows

Using ALL Windows wallpaper

stuck on blue loading scren at start up

Many Random BSOD

Mouse/Keyboard weren't working on login

Please help - trying to get Windows Calendar to run in Windows Mail.

I constantly have to Activate Windows.

Restoring files on another computer

Windows 7 Language Problem ! please help

Automatic restart after updates

Installing windows does not beginning as told here

CREATIVE XFI SB 0460 do not run with WIN 7 64

Failed at changing Logon screen Picture.

Bluetooth Driver Problem

Start menu run/search box won't work

Wireless Network Adapter will not work

Connecting pc to laptop for internet sharing using ethernet

No Start button or taskbar

Microphone doesn't work when HDMI out is in use (and enabled)

Which network driver do you recommend should use?

How to support locked down users

Which updates to install on fresh Win7 to get Win10 Upgrade tool?

homegroup not work - network drive can't remember - please help

New Windows update causing launch failure

Recurring BSOD Problem

Upgrade not genuine windows xp to genuine windows 7.

BSOD Fairly Often. Driver Verifier Enabled = BSOD on Boot Every Time

New BSOD freeze files after tests

Windows update just added a User to my PC

Can I delete these printers

How to speed up DVD Drive?

Windows Won't Boot- Corrupted Windows File

Why Does Sleep Disable Desktop Background Slide Show?

Intermittent BSOD Issue 0x00000124

First scan from Ccleaner

Taskbar Auto-Hide fails frequently

hibernate and sleep option at same time?

dxgmm1.sys BSOD?

Very long boot wait time

Windows takes a long time to shut down

delay on folder loading

BSOD occurs every time I use a BitTorrent Client.

Extremely high memory usage

taskbar start menu transparent glass

IE 8 Jump List Does Not Display History

Dark printing issue with Windows 7

Toshiba laptop- certain elements on screen have disappeared.

Need a good ref video for UEFI

Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

New install for new UEFI capable board

Cannot copy user profile

Windows Explorer Icon won't stay the way I want it

Logging out and Update errors/crashes

Hide or Remove corners in taskbar?

How to clean install Win 7 w/o Windows 10

Windows Explorer changing directories on recent folders list

On a new install

BSOD randomly but just few minutes after boot

Win 7 picks its own random update times / wakes up

BSOD-esque crash whenever doing something visually intensive

Windows balks on initial desktop startup

Cant wait for windows 7 on thursday :)

Random BSODs

Resuming from hibernation - Windows Error Recovery

Scroll pad problem

errors on update ox80073712

Superfetch and Install

Just upgrade computer to Windows 7

Suddenly Windows requesting activation

How do I get rid of multiple printer copies?

BSOD with different error codes

Problem With User Accounts

taskbar/ start menu locked

Windows update Fail

Issue w. 6970 Drivers- eRROR LOG

How to retry failed updates?

Photo screen saver error

Power State Driver Failure on putting PC to Sleep or Hibernation

SLOW booting

Installing Windows 7 onto SSD in a custom build PC

Homegroup worked this morning - now gone

High resolution in Win 7 with MBP?

System restore from a USB stick does not work

installing old software on 64 bit

battery level window

Realtek/Windows Sound not working but detecting devices.

Vertical Icon Spacing with Dual Monitors

Upgraded to 7

Random reboot on a HP DV7 Notebook

Audio big problems. No sound on windows 7. And that (S/PDIF) thing.

No Win 10 notification on a Lenovo Laptop

I really need help~ USB Not recognized?! But theres no USB in.

Black screen ACI VK192 monitor recognised and working

Connected to network

BSOD ntfs.sys Win7

How to Turn-Off Notice Bar in Network & Sharing


Win10 upgrade is not possible.

8 GB of RAM only able to use 6GB on 64-bit

High RAM Usage. I'm Wondering Why?

Can't get access to image files

Replacing hard drive with the same copy of windows

Delete OS Files but Keep Personal Files

Windows 7 Uninstall - Install Question

Volume Bar Pops Up Over and Over now. Malware?

Updates being installed again and again

Defrag sets System Protection to 0%

how to fix SSD boot errors

I do not get a BSOD but every now and then my pc freezes and crashes

Image preview in windows explorer

Computer suddenly locks itself

random bsod or freezes

Screen Saver settings not saving

System Dead after upgrade.

Occasional Kernel 41 crashes but always in memory disgnostic

ntdll.dll is missing

MSCONFIG ram help needed

Wallpapers slideshow - any chance for subfolders?

Kernel-Power BSoD

no boot after enabling BIOS RAID0

Folder preview

Upgrading drivers from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 for X-Fi Elite Pro

upgrade from professional chinese to ultimate

Change the picture on Windows Security logon on screen

Standard User accounts issue

Missing "Favorites" menu in WinExplorer?

intermittent bsod problems

BSOD -- seems okay but want to try nailing down the cause

Computer is slow to respond BSOD upon trying to install updates/FixIt

BSOD during idle desktop and during random use.

Audio Controller and Driver suddenly stopped working and won't install

Windows 7 using up 15gb of hard drive ?

Change location of user folders?

Unable to open applications

Help - Windows Will Not Take Focus/Switch

Windows 7 Pro Magnifier

Programs and files on taskbar are stuck together or "grouped"! Help!

Some interesting info from W7's license

UAC problem with one program only

Right click extender

Win 7 upgrade

Computer stops in the middle of boot at random; no BSOD.

Windows 7 not keeping settings upon restarting

Hang/Freeze and then flash of BSOD after sleep

slow dvd burning

D: drive SSD upgrade problems.

Cant Change to Full Admin

Windows Startup Takes Ages Depending on the Boot Drive

Having a Taskbar app start up in 7?

jump list/outlook problems after BSOD

Continuous BSOD after hard shutdown

HELP Problem with USB after crash!

User got random BSOD

Can I install W7 on a OEM W10 laptop?

Computer start-up takes 1 hr 35 min.need help

Only had 10 major updates when downloading a fresh copy of Win 7 ENT

Losing my LAN connection when computer goes to sleep

Problems with boot loaders with dual booting

BSOD and Freeze on Login or Mostly Internet-Related Tasks

Virus? Computer runs extremely slowly!

Taskbar only partially visible

Wake on mouse move

BSOD or Complete Freeze After ~1 Hour PC Usage

Crashes / Freezes

Sever Problem with Windows 7 and RAM Usage

BSOD 0x000004A then only black screens

Can't Share With Homegroup

Dual-Boot System upgraded to Win10

My computer isn't detecting any audio device help please

Changing system fonts

High Memorry Usage

BSOD with Bug Check: 000000A


Start Orb Not Working Right

How to find WDDM compatible driver for my Asus X453M running on W7?

Webcam issue

Start will not stay open

Show Icon in Notification Area

Upgraded PC system crashed

BSOD - Random Crashes Started Today

Explorer Refresh Lag

Automatic Zoom in Microsoft applications when lid closed

Taskbar Buttons

Advice needed please -fix Windows Updates not working - updated topic

Monitor Switches Off Despite Settings

where is the Search box?

BSOD after Intel driver acceleration (?) crash & recover

IP protocol disappeared

Intermittent computer crashes with BSOD - Please help

Password and sleep settings won't stay saved

Windows wont get past loading screen

Frequent random BSODs - 0x0000001E

Inexpensive Windows 7 compatible USB dongles

Windows 7 x32 nForce4 driver

WinPcap - Who installed it?

Icon images missing

Random computer freezes and BSOD reports

Hard disc activity after screensaver jumps in

MBR Error after windows update

How to install Windows Update for Get Windows 10" - currently MISSING

From Win 7 to Win 10. rumors

Windows 7 stuck in reboot loop following windows 10 upgrade

connection probs or driver?

Windows 7 Upgrade AHHHH

BSOD repeatedly & out of nowhere

Problems With Latest Windows Update - Some Functions Not Working

Play Audio in 2 locations

Disk Check not performing.

Windows Boot Manager Very Slow

stop windows explorer from filling the screen

Windows 7 will not complete install. gets hung up after first reboot

Problems Installing Updates (My Comp. Doesn't Shut Down)

Upgrading my CPU and Motherboard what about my Hard drives.

Clean Win 7 install shows conflicting hdd sizes at the same time.

Remove taskbar pin option completely?

Explorer.exe crash || Faulting module:ntdll.dll file

How to Uninstall/Reinstall Audio Card Driver for HP Mini

Unexpected BSOD happening

BSODs completely at random; started after recent driver updates

Screen dimming makes screen black out.

How do I boot to working Windows 7 partition when rollback is listed?

Computer will not sleep

Always the same: Kernel-power ID 41

BSOD - random blue screen crashes while running applications/browsing

Driver Working but still no sound

evaluation copy to permanent copy

BSOD with utorrent on

Taskbar loses the Always on top property

7 x86. CPU usage 100% when playing video with old rig

New PC Wifi Disaster (desperate for advice)

PC Startup is Slow After Boot Drive Upgrade

Windows System Image Backup Fails to Start (error code 0x80070057)

What can wake my laptop out of sleep mode ?

can someone check my minidump?

Jumplists Turned Off?

I want to permanently turn off System Sounds

Can't Change Back to Default Windows 7 Icons from another Themes Icons

BSOD Driver power state failure 9f

win 10 pro pop up message

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