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Taskbar Full Transparency

win 7/ geforce 7600 GT comaptability?

Torrent leads to BSOD

My Computer Crashed Recently

How to get rid of Windows 7 tooltips and infotips?

Can't re-install printer

problem with icons on taskbar (wrong icons or missing icons)

Repair Install tutorial

ATI Mobility 5xxx Problem in Windows 7

Windows Wireless LAN Driver Installing Issue

More Sleep Mode Issues

BSODs with multiple errors. Can't log into Windows.

BSOD (ATIKMDAG.SYS) after upgrading to Windows 10

Delete tab in windows explorer

Lenovo Laptop - Windows 7 - Random Internet Hiccups

Computer crashes after a few minutes use. Needs reboot

Need help with random BSOD crashes

Operating System Not Found Error - Windows 7 (x64 bit) 4GB Memory

Can't get to desktop

Help . cant PM users in Sevenforums?

Network & Sharing Center stuck at "Identifying"

Homegroup listener file not found

Win 7 64 & 8GB RAM. Any special settings needed?

Activated but still getting Pre Release Nag Messages

Should I upgrade to Win7?

How do I tell Win7 to output 5.1 sound? Z5500's on X-fi

BSOD when any torrent client starts downloading

Nov 3 updates installed - lost printer

Disappearing menu when right-clicking icons on taskbar

Desktop icons with an "X" on them.

BSOD when download torrent only

Frequent BSOD crashes

Low disk space after reinstalling windows seven.

Windows Doesnt recognize my video card Ati radeon 5650 HD

Installation Troubles

Quick Launch bar in Windows 7 change font

Computer hanging up on login welcome screen after power trip

Win 10 to 7

Sound stop qorking after some time.

Can't do an Upgrade Install

Random BSOD and BSOD when seeking Videos

Need help on specific windows 7 issues! I'm behind in times.

thumbnails on folders

Forcibly installing an old version of a driver?

Random BSOD/Freezing

Possible Virus? Strange Slowdowns & Sudden Shutdowns - Windows 7

can i install windows 7 again after upgrade Clean Installation

On Board Graphics Crashing

BSOD playing video games not saving in Minidump folder

A little taskbar problem

BSOD BCCode: 117

Window will not resize or maximize

Driver Keeps Appearing in Windows Updates

My Wireless Logitech K520 Keyboard won't let me access BIOS.

no recording device

random freezes and BSOD stop: 0x0000001E

PC comes out of hibernation automatically

How do I recover administrator rights

can i fix an os install on a seperate drive

Homegroup headaches; random issues; one fix

Failed update

Not very Happy with Windows 7 Professional

Upgrading - Device Incompatibility

Can't boot windows after it worked fine for a day after reinstall.

Computer not booting into Windows 7 after update.

windows crashing

does the windows 7 backup do everything Ghost & Acronis will do?

Windows upgrade

Microsoft sound drivers?

BSOD error code system service exception (attached mini dump)

Win update failed 6 times.

Help needed to stop Windows sound

Can't boot after running CCleaner

Driver is installed but Sound isn't playing ?!

I want to change my taskbar little bit.

WinRE (G:) Drive suddenly appeared in Windows Explorer?

Computer is freezing up.

Lockout with multiple monitors & wrong resolution?!

Computer problems after hardware upgrade!

Windows 10 Mail on Windows 7

Size of certain icons changed when installing visual style

Sound volume low after update

Windows 7- after upgrade

Do i have to format my other drives after a clean installation?

Windows backup confused! why other drive is included

DWM dissapeared

Messed up Windows 10 install now cannot get Windows 7 back.

Libraries and homegroup?

Update kb2610712 will not install.

My latest 32 BSOD's.

Looking for information on certain folders in my system drive

Computer on and idling and get bsod

COMPLETELY remove ZoneAlarm Free under Windows 7

Sound Skipping

Help! BSOD using torrent clients (utorrent

Change scroll+click on taskbar functionality?

BSOD with IRQL not les than or equal to and windows service exception

BSOD interrupts while trying to log into safe mode.

Windows 7 taskbar quick launch Does not stack creates new

Taskbar went Windows 1995 mode :-(

Seems to be random 'STOP' error; after BSOD. comeout scr saver-or rand

Just upgraded my PC

Windows Updates corrupt OS

partition disappeared windows 10

Problem with installation

The time is always off by one hour

Update on: After ~ win xp font in browser is not the same as in win 10

Bsod driver_irql_not_less_or_equal 0d1

Windows 7 randomly crashes with BSOD

Windows Logo Key + Arrow Keys

Upgrading/Install Question! HELP!

Pops and stuttering regardless of sound card

Program window opens split across two monitors

BSOd ffom USB card reader

Issues installing everything

Login "Incorrect Password"

System freezes and BSOD

Keeping programs after a windows 7 upgrade.

Taskbar messages that can't be seen

Random BSOD messages

Random BSOD Playing Games and Updating Windows

BSOD 0x000000E1 - Alienware M17 R3 When downloading Torrents

Just One Aero Thumbnail Preview per Window

C:\USERS folder has wrong name

Icons Small but Text stays the same size

Windows updates will not install

Win7 Taskbar Issues [Please Help :D]

Question about all thoe ntuser.dat files

wired connection to modem no networking available

Waking PC up

PLEASE HELP: Nero Ultra 7 stops working after installation of Nero

Sporadic shutdowns. No BSOD until capture card removed

Ethernet Connection Lost (and Found?)

BSOD while installing u-torrent

Downloading W10

Comp won't start after system restore

Startup Trouble After Windows Update

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit saved files to desktop doesn't show up

Remove this Windows 10 Update Notification (KB3035583 is NOT installed

Homegroup laptop cannot see all networked hardware

tweak ui came over with transfer wizard/oh ____!

Freezing problem.

Are you staying with Windows 7

Building a system - OEM or retail

automatically rearange the taskbar?

How do I change this Icon!?

stopping windows 10 upgrade install

The SG9 Designs Concept - Alternative Shell for Win7

Hal.dll causing BSOD

Forcing playback device

windows stoping at random points help needed please

can't get AHCI to work again

BSOD while brownsing: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Printer Installation Problem

BSOD possibly related to Netgear USB Adapter

Windows 7 and Windows 10 proper UEFI dualboot method?

how to move my windows file into another drive?

All audio output choppy

Can I permanently stop Windows from updating my graphics driver?

should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Installing windows 7 on a new laptop with win 10

Taskbar Colors Dim on Uncombined View

Played game - crash - reboot ; failed - safe mode crashes - boot fails

Regsvr32 Problems

Folders don't reflect changes

msconfig not saving changes

how to clean the drive before restoring

Missing playback/recording device

cannot share drive between 2 win7 cpu's

Activation Windows 8 Enterprise VLK but wanted to install Windows 7Ent

Help for downgrade windows 10 to 7

BSOD atikmpag.sys after installing VGA Display drivers

Computer turns back on 3-5 seconds after pressing sleep

home location homegroup woes

BSOD launching TERA MMO

Cursor hanging/freezing.

Slow start up after fresh install

slow check for Windows updates

Show many user on logon screen

Minidump file here after other post pc freezes on games

Start up menu all programs gone

windows 7 error c1900101- 20004 trying to upgrade to windows 10

Random 0x000001e Crashing

sound card reinstalling and cuseing other issues

Deleted Folders fail to disappear from windows explorer

Search Box Doesnt Show Results

change color of window behind and to side of picture

Monitor screen size issue?

Sounds for opening & closing of Windows will not play

Windows does not boot anymore - winload.exe could not be loaded

BSOD downloading torrents

Windows 10 upgrade

Windows Update will not update and I've tried multiple fix 16 Oct 2016

Lots of strange irritating little problems @ Icons-Permissions-Files

monitor isnt recognized.

Problem with the taskbar

Randomly Freezing

Loss of internet access on home network after upgrading to windows 7

Does a Windows 7 Upgrade replace your previous product key?

I will the welcome from start screen a new position ?

Add a delay time to Taskbar autohide?

User Account Crash

Windows refuses to install/run Mini Partition Wizard software .

Cannot stop endless BSOD loop

Issue with my mouse's cursor constantly flashing the loading sign

Programs do not start

2 User Folders one User Account

BSOD and Crashes after Upgrading my Computer

How to blacklist an app from the programs list

BSOD while downloading torrents (uTorrent

windows 7 wrongly detected my audio as S/PDIF

Admin rights not recognized

Failed updates send PC into endless reboot loop

Possible to use upgrade key with RTM install?

PC wakes immediately from sleep.

Back to home premium and retrieving my files?

New Computer non stop BSOD everywhere

Computer freezes after new windows update

Windows update bugs.

Always have to type username at login?

Hello all GB here.total newbie help needed

Taskbar Slow To Respond When Display Turned On

Frequent crashes for the past 3 months

How can I kill Bing forever?

Monitor sleep shortcut?

Can't enable Windows Update again

Taskbar is transparent

Wireless icon does not pop up "connect to network"

BSOD - Win7 - Kernel-Power

ARGHHH No audio with HDMI (but it is my default device)

Is my Laptop protected enough ?

One update always fail

Clone windows 7 prof 32bit does not want to activate

Random BSOD Crashing frequently

Windows doesn't save DailUp Login:Pass

This SSD needs tweaking?

I here broken sounds. How do i fix this problem?

Homegroup issues with new pc

At what stage of hardware upgrade does licence become invalid?

Fat16 in Windows7

I need help with my audio

Downloaded Upgrade - Post-install

Can't read MEMORY.DMP file

tweaking memory usage

Aero Border Effects on dual monitor

Changing Mouse Selection Color- Win7 x64

Transparency & windows explorer

Why do even small updates require a system restart

Are product keys usable on both 32 and 64-bit Windows 7?

Various BSOD after windows update on Acer Aspire M3802

Optional Update: How Make It Go Away?

Window Color and Appearance - Title Bar Color Can't Be Changed


Homegroup Setup Problem

BSOD Crash. Computer completely freezes.

Spinning Busy Cursor - What is Holding Up My Laptop?

Last Windows Update Caused Extreme Slowness and Disabled Wireless

Homegroup - Some computers see all

Installing boot SSD: AppData? Win7 libraries vs. special folders?

BSODs randomly

Program in Startup wont run Min

File Explorer hang when create or rename a folder within a library

Stop things from appearing in Start menu Search?

Windows Update Crashing Explorer?

Issues installing itunes

BSOD whilst gaming

sound drivers etc /help

Windows 7 uses 1gb RAM idle

Nvidia 6150 onboard graphics problem with Win 7

BSOD When Gaming

Windows will not boot - even after factory reset

How Install Windows 7 x64 in UEFI from Legacy Win10

trying to do fresh install from usb

Audio Drivers Enabled and Visible

BSOD When Downloading a Torrent. Please Help

my laptop dosent go to sleep.

No more sound On MSi ge-600 laptop -->Tried many things :x

Won't let me rename or copy files

Error during windows 7 Pro 64 bit installation

BSOD when torrenting/during skype calls

PC is freezing recently

Windows Explorer Crashes when looking at Programs and features

How to stop Windows User Screen from appearing

Refreshing the Explorer Search Index?

wake-on-lan activated : computer keeps waking up by itself

Windows update only offers the option to start downloading windows 10

stop Win 10 upgrade

CheckDisk Automate

Computers takes forever to Shut Down & Sleep

Don't like Taskbar Selected Window Highlight.

Windows Firewall Blocking Media Sharing

Windows upgrade help please

windows 7 ratings help

Sort by date takes long time for items to show

Explorer Slow to sort folders/files.

Windows Manager tweak

AutoPlay settings

power button just puts laptop to sleep

Stand by and hibernate at the same time?

Dell will not support Windows 10 for my present system

Cached fills up physical memory

win7 upgrade option site spotted

Academic XP Professional eligible for Retail "Upgrade"?

computer not sleeping when it should be

Share. button grayed out

Windows Event Log causing computer lockup

Sound volume level's changing?

[help]My laptop didn't recognize my printer

Acer TM8371G Windows 7 32bit random-ally crashing unexpectedly

Question to resolve my doubts about w7 to w10 legal migration

Bluetooth not working or showing up in Device Manager

Start-menu icons won't set.

Windows 7 x64 Pro bluescreen after waking from sleep

Remove language icon

PC resets itself randomly

sound crackling & cpu usage immediately high to 100%

Micrsoft Outlook 2010 Auto start up

Computer just crash again due to a BSOD

User accounts missing

Which windows updates do I avoid on win 7 to avoid windows 10 adware?

Background white square to desktop icons!

How do I change the image in the Windows Security

Myth: You have to uninstall drivers to update them?

Files Appear Locked - Havent Changed Permissions

Multiple copies of printer created - no change to USB/port

Windows Explorer won't allow files to be saved to Documents

ntoskrnl.exe missing

windows sometimes disables my laptop speakers

No Sound Output - Windows Detects no Problem!

Win7 Default Font size 100% but want 96% instead

Win7 Pro x64 - BSOD while computer is idle once daily

Can't fix corrupt files

Icons Arrangement is lost at Desktop

Random System Crashes

Changing wireless network connection priority

Media Center starts on wrong screen

Sandboxie problem

Radeon CCC Problems

Unable to start certain .exe applications error (0xc0150004)

WIN 7 - Taskbar loading cursor everything in windows window is jammed

Help with partitioning.

Sysprep (basic as possible)

date sorting in windows explorer slow

BSOD - random as far as i can see

ATI HDMI Detection of Hardware issue

Accidently disabled drivers in msconfig

Wired and wireless problem

Wireless Card - diable

BSOD -> Hang at system repair -> cannot boot at all

Random Crashes No BSOD Pixalated screen

problems since upgrading help please

Windows doesn't detect any audio devices: no sound

Windows Security Guidence

Trapped in BSOD Loop (Stop Code 0xF4)

HELP! Epson Scanner for CX4600 does not work on Windows 7 x86-7057

frequent bsod and pc crash

Screen and Power Sleep

Who is 'TrustedInstaller'?

On board Realtek Lan Card stops working after driver update on Win7

Apps with extend taskbar/jumplist support

UAC randomly changing

BSOD during graphical operations (Blender

how to make the desktop program list like this?

BSOD at random times error 0x0000001e

Multiple pages in my browsers wont load

64Bit 7 not using all 4GB of ram

Password and user disappeared from pc

Homegroup media issues

email contacts

Drivers are suddenly no longer updating. Windows 10?

BSODs while using any torrent program

Joining homegroup failure.

Persistent BSODs with various BC Codes-Brand New ASUS Laptop

Computer crashes while idle

Cannot run software upgrades for Toshiba

Windows 10 is waiting in Updates

Latest Microsoft patches cause black screen of death

Stuck on the desktop.

Weird boot problem after rescue CD boot fix

Change Welcome screen color

Taskbar: multiple instances of an app are "stacked" despite settings

PC is taking forever to shut down and log off

Windows Update kills my internet!

Classic XP Start Menu - a different approach

Random BSOD and System Shutdown

admin user lost some admin rights

I am not able to do a repair install

Require a password on computer wakeup while auto login is enabled

Windows Automatic Driver Installation

I want to recover lost internet favorites after reforma

Can't Setup Homegroup

Win 7 freezing randomly. Possible video card/driver problem?

Personalization border colors and etc.

BSOD ad random

Office XP Academic Edition and Windows 7 help.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 from 7

Why do I need 2nd pagefile.sys for 2nd physical HDD (w/16 Gb RAM)

Help me with my upgrade to Windows 7 (Freezing Issue)

BSOD While playing a game.

How do Homegroups/Workgroups Work? Whats the difference?

Cant type password in log in screen and BSOD

Trying to activate New Install

Windows 7 Home to Pro Upgrade Problem

BSOD after downgrading from Windows 10 to windows 7

Ask for password from sleep but not hibernate

BSOD While Opening Photoshop CC

Window 7 upgrade now intermittent audio?

System Protection will not turn on

Another Reinstall

New build in old case: Do I need to buy a new copy of Windows?

Cannot connect to Internet on Windows 7 get an error Install a driver

When computer is asleep.

Random BSOD occasionally stop: 0x0000001E

Constant BSOD's on my desktop after getting a new gpu

Windows Technical Preview

BSOD while downloading torrents

Will not connect automatically to router

Being the admin safely. When that is just the way it is.

Font Changed After Backup

Issue 3: Can't Boot Windows 10 on Multiboot System

Cannot reconnect automatically to home network

HELP! Windows 7 will not boot up past loading screen!

Windows Explorer won't load

Wireless internet won't reconnect when laptop lid opened

Random BSOD Crashing

A swap back to 32 bit disables the DVD drive

iTunes won't let me install--says I don't have administrator rights

BSOD after restarting for Windows update

Using full keys on downloaded upgrade versions

No idea to why the computer won't load Windows.

Putting The Start Menu On The Right Of The Taskbar

Desktop Icons are messed up?

IE9 modified the behavior of my taskbar?

Network adapter driver problem

Effective result of Defrag vs Full file restore.

Aero Snap problem

fwpkclnt.sys and NETIO BSOD

Is Windows 7 x64 desktop background cached?

Another 5.1 surround issue

More on the Sleeping Computer Keyboard Problem

laptop randomly wakes

Explorer.exe crashes please help!

Two users on logon screen

Factory image re-install but no emails in back up

Have I uninstalled progs or haven't I?

Can not connect to my NAS D-link DNS320 to map a drive

Details view in Explorer utilizes faint font color for most fields.

Should I Accept Most Updates Blindly? (Without Checking Each One)

Screen Problem after waking up from hibernate

Having a weird problem with my Graphics Card

Task Bar - What on Earth?

Network status icon and manage networks icon show different SSID

I don't want Windows 7 to diagnose network!

can't get laptop to boot past starting windows logo

Unable to boot/repair/install windows

How to remove the windows 7 update icon from tray?

XtremeMusic PCI Card No Sound After Reboot

Creative Driver Update Messes Up Mouse and Internet

Want to get Win 7 BUT.

Can't shutdown or hibernate laptop

HP crashes while asleep

Prevent applications from adjusting mic levels

Random BSOD's after login and while in use

Pre-installed Operating System Backup

How can I pause background in win7 slide-show from right-click menu

How do I change Start Menu folders (Documents

Problem with video driver installation

Saving Mouse Settings

Glass effect on taskbar icons

Can't defrag system drive though 29% fragmented

windows not booting up

OS keep randomly awaking from hibernate

Windows doesn't recognize USB headphones

Sound Recorder Not Finding Existing Recording Devices

IE11 install woes

Cant upgrade to W10. Get the message 'CPU not supported (NX)'

Public Network share help & info

extracting MIG file on windows 7

Sound card driver issue?

BSOD after installing drivers for AMD Radeon HD 7970M

BSOD's and Random freezes

Autoplay does not on flash media

my pc doesn't respond to anything i do

can Win 7 64 drives be read by Windows 10?

Folder covering half of my desktop

BSOD occasionally

Desktop Background selection problem

Activation issue after clean install on new hard drive

messed up reboot win 7 update reboot

No Popup From Taskbar icons

USB 3.0 ports not working after upgrading power supply

Anyone Having Problems Since the Last Set of Windows Updates?

Win 7 Crashes On First Boot . Then Fine!

Laptop reboots randomly

Guess it is time to set "Never check for updates"

rundll32 running at 100%

Program to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7

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