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Note that if there is more than one condition, then at the start of the line of the second condition and all subsequent conditions, there is the word “and” which can Two check boxes: Message has attachment(s), and Message is flagged. The following are examples, and most of these will be described in more detail latter in the guide: To delete one or more selected messages, press Delete. How to change outlook express as the default mail fr window live? his comment is here

When the window opens, Jaws says the subject of the message, followed by the word edit to indicate that the initial focus is the message body edit box. AdelanaJun 15, 2011, 11:34 AM I'm glad you solved yours! Then, if you press Tab, and the focus remains in the same edit box, then this tells you that there was a match. Well, if you right-click any of those account-folders you should see "Move up" & "Move down" in the popup list for you to use. Clicking Here

Windows Live Mail View Settings

An alternative way of entering contacts and categories in the To, Cc and Bcc edit boxes, is to use the Send an Email dialog. Editing Contacts To edit a contact, select it in the contact list, and choose Edit Contact from its context menu. We’d like to save you the same grief.Our e-mails imported fine from XP’s Outlook Express, but we found that in the “Sent items” view in Live Mail, it was impossible to My "Sent" folder has no "from" column.

The earliest message in a conversation can be either collapsed or expanded. So if you're in the To edit box, then simply press Shift + Tab, and press the button. A check box to “Permanently delete junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk e-mail folder”. So I have switched to outlook PST from windows-live-mail by the help of Stellar Phoenix.

If they have more than one email address, choose the one you want. The first is that you can't use the first character or characters to quickly select a folder in the folder tree. The focus is the Change To edit box, and for reasons best known to Microsoft, none of the buttons is set as the default button. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/livemail-files/how-to-set-different-columns-in-different-folders/e88d6b66-9c67-4203-9540-0ea7916f5abc The first three of these controls are described in the following sections.

I have the same problem? The Phishing page of the Security options dialog contains two check boxes: “Protect my Inbox from messages with potential Phishing links”, which is checked by default. “Move phishing E-mail to the To read another message in the same folder, you don't have to go back to the main window: To read the next message in the Message list, press either Alt + Unwanted messages Windows Live Mail provides a number of ways for keeping your Inbox free of unwanted messages, and protecting you against fraud: Blocked Senders list.

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Alternatively, by default, an Attach file button appears as the fourth button in the Quick Access Toolbar (Alt, 4, if you're not using the Jaws virtual ribbon, or Insert + 3, http://www.computershopper.com/feature/50-windows-7-tips-tweaks-and-secrets/fix-the-column-views-in-windows-live-mail If you edit one of the “and”s then an And/Or dialog opens, which allows you to change all ands to ors. Windows Live Mail View Settings The dialog is a multi-page dialog, and the pages cover different areas of information about the contact. Windows 10 Mail Change Layout Sorry you're having so many problems.

Check the box next to any column(s) you want to see in that view. this content I agree, you can't have folders inside other folders, otherwise you can't see them easily. For details, see the Searching for messages section. This opens the Add a Contact dialog.

Browsers & Mail Windows live mail folder recoveryAccidently deleted a folder in Windows live mail. To move from the message body edit box, you can only use Shift + Tab. Often you'll want to select an account, so that the new folder is at the same level as the standard folders, such as the Inbox. weblink A Save Attachment As dialog opens, which has the same structure as a standard Windows Save As dialog.

My System Specs OS Windows 7 . However, you can't use the first character or or characters in the normal manner. If you're in the list and you start typing characters, then the focus automatically becomes the Quick search edit box.

Automatically adding people to your Contacts There's an option that after you've replied to someone three times, they're automatically added to your Contacts.

Selecting messages You can use the standard keystrokes Down Arrow, Up Arrow, Home, and End. Press Enter to press the OK button. Note that in the context menu of a category in the Folder tree there's a Send Email command, but it's always unavailable — a Windows Live Mail bug. facebook twitter linkedin Related Tutorials Use Multiple Clash of Clans Accounts on your iPhone AppleMac iPhone ProgrammingComputer programming C programming Hardware Java programming HTML HTTP Apache web server ASP NET Programming

MiratopiaTechJun 23, 2013, 6:38 AM I know this thread's more than a couple of years old but I'm using the same application & had what I think to be the same I have the same problem? With default settings, you will see all sent emails like this (with no recipient names): 3. http://splashwebservices.com/windows-live/import-evolution-mail-into-windows-live-mail.php For example, if you want to read the message again, just press Ctrl + Home to move to the start of the message, and then Insert + Down Arrow to read

Windows 7: Windows Live Mail - columns per folder 11 Nov 2011 #1 iskortch Windows 7 7 posts Windows Live Mail - columns per folder I use WLM Depending on how much junk email you get, you might want to check this check box. How do I change each individual's folder without the change effecting all folders? When you type text into the Quick search box, then the list no longer shows all the contacts and categories, it only shows those that match the text which you've typed

Efficient Windows Data Recovery Erase Pravite Data on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles for Reselling System crash .FAT and .NTFS file recovery Conversion of NSF files to PST See more forum posts Research Junk e-mail filter. I also went to the Microsoft forum but only at their Windows7 forum, and what they suggested didn't work. If there are is more than one attachment, you can select a different one using Right Arrow and Left Arrow.

In other words, there's no column that shows the recipient's name for each message.Fortunately, it's a simple matter to change what columns you see, and in what order, in Windows Mail. The following sections describe selecting messages, tasks, sorting messages, and Conversations. A Find Message dialog opens, and the controls in this dialog are described in detail below. The dialog contains: The names of the tabs, which are arranged vertically: Summary, Contact, Personal, Work, IM, Notes, and IDs.

Adela jrwendtJun 15, 2011, 3:27 AM Looks like all you have to do is exit WLM and then restart it again and then your newly added folders should be in alphabetical In this dialog, select a contact, press the To button (Spacebar), and then press the OK button. To delete the message: on the Message tab, in the Delete group, press the Delete button (Ctrl + D). you would think that if the account is set up it would have something as simple as Sent mail.